The Kansas City Proposal You Will Never Forget

Kansas City's Most Unique Way To Propose!

Kansas City’s Most Unique Way To Propose!

proposal picnic in kansas city

It was a breezy but warm September day! The leaves whistle a lovely tune in the wind as she walks to the rhythmic beat. Her eyes are blindfolded as her unknowingly soon-to-be husband guides her down the sidewalk. Her trust in him is mesmerizing, and he leads her step by step.

kansas city picnic proposal

As he places her in the perfect spot, he gently pulls out something spectacular and asks her to remove her mask as he kneels on one knee.

kansas city pop up picnic proposal in the park

The mask falls to the ground as she looks up to see her best friend holding a sign that reads… “Forever Has A Nice Ring To It! Will You Marry Me?”

pop up picnics kc in the park proposal

She cried, said yes, and then she turned around and was mesmerized by the stunning velvety red pop-up picnic curated specifically for their special day.

picnic in the park for proposal

They ate lobster tail and charcuterie, enjoyed the beautiful view, and laughed for 2 hours straight!

Mission Proposal = Successful